Stormwater Management Planning Committee


Will County Stormwater Management Planning Committee (WCSMPC) is an intergovernmental entity with representation from both municipalities and Will County. The WCSMPC is an advisory body to the Will County Board and is responsible for directing the implementation of Comprehensive StormwaterManagement Plan and its revision, if necessary. The Stormwater Plan establishes the recommended role of the WCSMPC, which are:

Administration and Management: The WCSMPC is composed of half municipal and half
County Board representation. The WCSMPC has authority to establish its own committees
and to retain engineering, legal, and financial advisors and inspection personnel, yet it is
planned that County staff will provide these services for the committee. The committee is
required by state statutes to meet, at a minimum, quarterly.
The recommendations section of this document (Chapter 5) identifies WCSMPC's long term
role related to administration and management.

Regulation: The WCSMPC is an advisory body to the County Board and it is envisioned that
the WCSMPC will be instrumental in developing a draft countywide ordinance for the
County Board and in advising the County Board on issues related to stormwater management
in Will County. The committee’s recommendations require due consideration and any
regulatory enactments in contravention to the committee’s recommendations requires a super
majority vote of the County Board.

Planning: This is a primary role for the WCSMPC, that is the preparation of this plan,
planning and drafting of a countywide stormwater ordinance, and developing
implementation plans for this countywide plan.

Maintenance: Adoption of this Stormwater Management Plan provides authority for the
County to develop a mechanism to ensure maintenance of stormwater facilities and the
natural drainage system. (See the recommendations in Chapter 5.)


Stormwater Management

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